Google Photos received another interesting update

Google Photos received another interesting update

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Live albums are also compatible with new Google Home Hub.

In early September, the developers have released an update for Google Photos. Then the main innovation was the design, and now turn to other important details.

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Features several and they are all aimed at simplifying the interaction with a smartphone and automate some actions.

The first item on update of steel “Live albums”. Google wants to save users from having to send new photos to relatives and friends. This is not always easy to remember in addition, to find the desired pictures among hundreds of images is not so simple.

The way out is very simple. Smartphone owner said human or animal images which will be added in a separate album. Then you can distribute access to the right people and forget about the need to share new images. Instead you all do the system.Fresh photos will be moved automatically so that the settings frame is also in the past.


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