Named unexpected cause of oral cancer

Named unexpected cause of oral cancer

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All patients lived in the most contaminated areas.

Scientists Zhongshan University came to a sad conclusion. They found that air pollution provokes this type of cancer.

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Asian experts said that the level of malicious influence of heavy metals and emissions of petrochemical plants are also harmful for the human body as Smoking, alcohol, drugs and viruses. According to them, are particles PM2.5 or aerosols.

The researchers studied the material for over ten years collected several major hospitals in Taiwan lands. During this time, the doctor asked 1,600 people with cancer of the oral cavity, reports the Journal of Investigative Medicine.

It turned out that all these patients lived in the most contaminated areas. Particles PM2.5 is capable of undergoing biological boundaries and are very dangerous for living organism.According to official data of the world health organization, the majority of urban residents breathe air exceeding the limit concentrations of harmful substances. The hardest problem is expressed in third-world countries where people live in perpetual smog.


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