On Jupiter was found forest of the ice needles

On Jupiter was found forest of the ice needles

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Forest callaspo can stretch along the equator of Europe.

Scientists from Cardiff University have stated that the equator of Jupiter’s moon Europa may encircle the forest of the ice needles, callaspo, whose height can reach 15 meters. As reports the Internet-the edition with reference to such of the needle could destroy the spacecraft that will land on a celestial body.

Calasparra are formed in tropical and subtropical highlands of the Earth due to uneven heating of the Packed snow. They represent a sloping and narrow pyramid with height up to several meters.

In the new study, the researchers conducted computer modeling, which showed that the conditions of the Equatorial regions of Europe, where the temperature can drop to -200 degrees Celsius, stimulate the growth of Kolhapur, the height of which can be compared with the five-story building.They can explain data and radar surveys of the surface of Europe, which pointed to the region are still not identified irregular structures: the radio may just be reflected and scattered on the needles callaspo, giving such a picture. In addition, Calasparra can lead to the anomalies noted in the data of the Galileo probe, which registered surprisingly low surface temperature of Europe during the night. Cold sides and tips of callaspo could just cover the surface, giving a distorted value.


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