Scientists made a disappointing forecast of the World ocean

Scientists made a disappointing forecast of the World ocean

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Human activities can change the level of the ocean.

The Global sea level could rise by 2.4 m by 2100 and 15 m by the year 2300 if emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will remain at the same consistently high level. This is stated in the research of climate scientists from Rutgers University, reported, citing .

The rise in Global sea level threatens the flooding of island States and coastal areas. Now, according to scientists, are at risk 11% of the 7.6 billion people living in the world. All of them live at less than 10 m above sea level.

The researchers made a climate model based on observations of the influence of greenhouse gases on the increase of level of world ocean in Atlantic city, new Jersey and Singapore. If the volume of greenhouse gas emissions in the near future is not reduced, the melting of ice at the poles will lead to floods and flooding entire cities, scientists warn.

Since 1993, Global sea level rose 77.1 mm, or 3.1 mm per year. The reason was global warming that caused the melting of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica.

Recently it became known that the thickest ice in the Arctic began to crumble due to variations in temperature, opening water in the North of Greenland. In the past, this region was thick ice, even in summer. The main reason climatologists call the plummeting temperatures in the Northern hemisphere.

The sea off the North coast of Greenland was always frozen, it was called the “last ice area”, which will be able to stop global warming. But in 2018, the destruction of the ice cover occurred twice already.Scientists believe that in the period from 2030 and 2050 during the summer period the ice in the Arctic ocean will begin to completely disappear.


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