Students built 600-horsepower hybrid Honda Civic

Students built 600-horsepower hybrid Honda Civic

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Fuel efficiency of a hybrid compared to a standard model is improved by 30 percent.

Graduate students Clemson University, South Carolina, has completed the construction of a 600-strong hybrid Honda Civic. The development of racing machines that can accelerate to 60 mph (96 kph) in two seconds, took two years.

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The basis of the project named Deep Orange 9 a team of 19 students took the tenth-generation Civic sedan. The power plant of experimental machines built on the basis of a two-liter compressor “Quartet”, which added a 200-horsepower electric motor.

The engine placed behind the seats and drives the rear wheels, and the motor, respectively, is responsible for the front.

The dynamic characteristics of a hybrid are almost the Civic for rally-cross. All-wheel drive coupe, built jointly by Atelier Olsbergs MSE and the sports division of Honda Performance Development, sprint to 96 kilometres per 1.9 seconds.Hybrid Deep Orange 9 got an integrated roll cage, steering rear wheel, suspension proadoption, the energy recovery system braking.


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