Genesis presented the first electric car

Genesis presented the first electric car

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Genesis Essentia became the first electric cars of the brand.

On the new York exhibition the company’s employees, producing a new brand of electric car, Genesis, has unveiled its new car at .

This concept coupe, created in his own Studio company representatives Bugatti and Bentley. This is the first car in the series, powered by electricity.

The purpose of this car was finding the way to confront the modern realities of life. He also demonstrates the future direction of technology development of the company. In appearance it is a typical representative of the class cars GranTurismo.

Technical features is its small height, about 1.3 m, as well as a transparent hood and up to the doors.

Lights, according to the creators, was replaced by a narrow strip of lasers, also giving a good level of lighting. The body and chassis of the car is made from carbon fibre. The movement is provided by special electric motors, each with its associated wheel.


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