“Donbass” lost to the Latvians and flew out of the Continental Cup

“Donbass” lost to the Latvians and flew out of the Continental Cup

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Champion of Ukraine on hockey “Donbas” was not able to reach the third round of the Continental Cup.

A ticket to the next stage of the tournament team Julius Supler played with the strongest club of Latvia “Kurbads”. “Donbass” was trying to take revenge from the Latvians for the humiliating defeat in the Continental Cup in October last year (1:8).

The first period passed in equal fight – the goalkeepers of the teams showed 100% efficiency, making nine saves.

In the second period the defense “Donbass” double-cracked – Martins Cipulis scored the most throw under the crossbar, and Lauris Rancevs effectively played on the patch.

When the score was 0:2 “Donbass” tried to orchestrate a comeback, but the Ukrainians only managed to reduce backlog in the account. On 49-th minute at most after a prolonged attack gate “Kurbads” printed defender Dmytro Ignatenko.

“Donbass” – “Kurbads” 1:2 (0:0, 0:2, 1:0)
Goals: 0:1 – Cipulis (Upitis, Augstkalns – bol.) – 25:43, 0:2 – Rances (Chamacos) – 30:04, 1:2 – Ignatenko (Goncharov – bol.) – 49:49. “Donbass”: Dyachenko (Kostenko) – Silnitskiy, Romanenko – Korenchuk, Kuzmik, Kirshenkov; Ignatenko, Potters – Skein, Zakharov (K), Smirnov; Firsov, Grigoriev Meadow, Attic, Karpenko; Scripts, Aleksandrov – Deniskin, Kostikov, Novikov.

Standings: Kurbads (Latvia) – 9, Donbass (Ukraine) – 6, Vikingur (Iceland) is 3, Orden (Spain) is 0.


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