Reveals the mystery of the stone idols of Easter island

Reveals the mystery of the stone idols of Easter island

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Researchers from the state University of new York at Binghamton to find out where on Easter island came from the famous moai statues.

Remote Easter island in the Pacific famous for its many stone statues of the moai, of which there are about 900. But until now, scientists could not find the answer to the question, how and why they were created between 1200 and 1600 years, writes with reference to

Researchers from Binghamton University in new York suggest that using statues of the Rapa Nui people were marking the places where they were available fresh water. On the island there was virtually no rivers and lakes, so the location of the sources of fresh water was crucial.

According to study co-author Carl Lipo (Carl Lipo), which for 20 years studying the life of the indigenous inhabitants of Easter island, porous volcanic soil quickly absorbed the rain water and small lakes could not provide sufficient water for 15-20 thousand ramanujam. Experts measured the level of salt on the coast and came to the conclusion that it was fit for consumption.

“Groundwater down the slope to the ocean and during high tides fresh water goes directly into the sea. As a result, the islanders were able to use these sources to collect suitable for drinking water,” says Lipo.

For nieminem alternatives Rapa Nui people were forced to collect brackish groundwater. Of course, they were more salty than freshwater but not as salty as the sea. And most of the sources of such waters are located along the coastline – where are the stone idols. Interestingly, the researchers of the 18th century also argued that the Rapa Nui people supposedly drank sea water.

Previously it was thought that the moai that reach 9 meters in height, had for the indigenous inhabitants of the island, religious or political significance. But the discovery of the American researchers provides new look at their role. Probably, the statue had more of a utilitarian value.Now scientists are trying to prove the existence of a relationship between the location of the moai and sources of drinking water, as well as to find out the cause of the disappearance of the ancient civilization. According to one version, the cause of the disease, which on the island brought the European explorers – ramanujam just did not have them immunity, so they died out.


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