Called effective remedies for faster hair growth

Called effective remedies for faster hair growth

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Named the best methods of stimulate hair growth.

Hair is one of the attributes of femininity.

Ladies are proud of them, care for them and often want them to grow faster. Indeed, stimulation of hair growth begins with proper care of them, writes with reference to .

What you need to know about hair growth before applying any treatment?

– the life cycle of hair are genetically determined (4.5 years for men, 3 for women);

– the speed of hair growth depends on this genetic program and ethnicity of each person;

– the root of the hair is very important for healthy hair;

– hair growth also depends on the secretion of sex hormones;

the changing seasons affect the growth of hair.

The most commonly used ingredient for healthy hair is castor oil. To stimulate hair growth, you can try the following treatment: in a small container mix equal amounts of castor and olive oil, to which add 4 drops ylang-ylang oil, or Clary sage. Before using this cocktail, you must ensure that you are not allergic to its ingredients. If not, spread the mask on your head and keep her for at least 2 hours, better – overnight.

The stimulation of hair growth with onion

Hair treatment using onions used since ancient times. The shampoo that you use regularly, add the chopped onion and leave for 10 days. At their expiration, you can remove the pieces of onion, and can not be removed: the hair does not hurt. And another thing: the longer you soak the onions, the more effective the shampoo.

Garlic is a wonderful seasoning to stimulate hair growth

To obtain garlic mask you will need 2 large cloves of garlic and coconut oil. Crush the garlic, add in coconut oil, leave for 3 days. At their expiration, drain garlic mixture, apply to hair, massage vigorously the roots. Imposed mask to keep at least 2 hours, then rinse with plenty of water.

An excellent stimulant of hair growth, garlic mask is not pleased with its pungent odor. To resist, you can add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil, but it must be remembered that it is contraindicated for pregnant women.


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