The doctors called a delicacy, which can protect against heart attack

The doctors called a delicacy, which can protect against heart attack

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Honey has proven its ability to prevent heart attacks.

Can honey prevent heart attacks? This popular treat contains natural sugar, which reduces the number of plaques in arteries by 30%.

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Natural sugars in honey can prevent heart attacks, as shown by a new study. Known as trehalose, the sugar activates a protein that causes immune cells to remove from the arteries, sticky platelets. Trehalose reduces the size of plaques by approximately 30%, as shown by a study with laboratory mice.

When such plaques begin to accumulate in the arteries, the person develops a disorder called atherosclerosis. This can lead to hardening of the arteries, reduce the degree of elasticity, which makes people are at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and even heart attacks. Trehalose is also found in mushrooms, the lobster and the shrimp.

Scientists from the University of Washington has injected the mice with the risk of atherosclerosis, trehalose or other sugar types. Some mice also received oral trehalose. The results showed that receiving this kind of sugar mice, the plaque size was reduced to 0.25 mm compared to 0.35 mm in animals that had not received this kind of sugar.

Thus, the size of the plaques was reduced by 30%, which is of great clinical importance in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The size of plaques in mice that received trehalose orally or through injections another kinds of sugar, not diminished. Scientists believe that trehalose activates a protein called TFEB, which causes the macrophages (immune system cells) to display the plaque from the body.


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