The League of Nations UEFA: Croatia beat Spain and other results of the day

The League of Nations UEFA: Croatia beat Spain and other results of the day

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Completed another portion of the matches of the group stage of the League of Nations the League.

Croatia won the hurricane in the second half Spain and got the chance not only to maintain residence in the elite of the League of Nations, but to reach the semifinals of the tournament. The unexpected hero of the match became the defender of Bayer tin Edwy, which account for a double, including the winning goal in injury time.

Now Spain have to hope that England and Croatia on 18 November will not be able to reveal the winner. In the event of a tie the Spaniards out of the group, as Croats would be in League B.

Belgium expected dealt with Iceland and has remained a big favorite of the group No. 2. On Sunday the team Roberto Martinez enough not to lose in away match with Switzerland.

League And

Belgium – Iceland 2:0
Goals: Batchwise, 65, 81

Standings: Belgium 9, Switzerland 6 Iceland 0.

Croatia – Spain 3:2
Goals: Kramaric, 54, Edwy, 69, 90+3 – Ceballos, 56, a Ramos, 78 (penalty)

Standings: Spain 6, England 4, Croatia – 4.

In League B, followed by Ukraine a place in the elite won the Bosnians, who defended a draw in the away match against Austria.

League B

Austria – Bosnia and Herzegovina 0:0

Standings: Bosnia and Herzegovina – 10, Austria – 4, Northern Ireland 0.

The League

Hungary – Estonia 2:0
Goals: Orban, 8, Salai, 69

Greece – Finland 1:0
Goal: Granlund, 25 (goal)

Standings: Finland – 12, Greece 9, Hungary 6, Estonia – 0.In the League D the increase in the division guaranteed Georgia. Close to the transition to League and Belarus, managed in a key match away to beat

League D

Kazakhstan – Latvia 1:1
Goals: Suyumbayev, 37 – Raquel, 48

Andorra – Georgia 1:1
Goals: Martinez, 63 Chakvetadze, 9

Standings: Georgia – 13, Kazakhstan – 6, Latvia – 3, Andorra – 3.

Luxembourg – Belarus 0:2
Goals: Dragun, 47, 54

San Marino – Moldova 0:1
Goal: Domascan, 77

Standings: Belarus – 11, Luxembourg – 9, Moldova – 8, San Marino 0.


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