In Greenland, found a giant impact crater

In Greenland, found a giant impact crater

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The planet is located at a distance of six light years from Earth.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen discovered in Greenland, a gigantic impact crater, which was under the 930-meter-thick glacier Hiawatha. As reports the Internet-the edition with reference to the crater was the result of falling to the Ground with an “iron” meteorite.

In the study, researchers conducted in Greenland topographic measurements using radar that was placed on the plane. Radar would catch the radio waves that passed through the ice and reflected the hard surface of the island.

The researchers note that for the first time the outlines of the crater were seen in 2015 with the help of the data obtained during the study of the far North-West Greenland on the NASA Operation IceBridge program. A curious plot was examined additionally using a broadband radar provided by glaciologists from Germany. This work allowed us to determine the external and internal outlines of the crater.

In addition, the researchers received the samples that have been made by meltwater to the edge of the glacier. These samples contain minerals characteristic of an impact crater: passed through the melting of quartz, Nickel, platinum, gold and cobalt in amounts unusual for the earth’s crust. According to the researchers, this suggests that a meteorite fell here was a rich metals of the asteroid.The diameter of the crater reaches 31 kilometers; modeling conducted by scientists have shown that leave it could a meteorite the size of about a mile.


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