American racer made the car out of his crib

American racer made the car out of his crib

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The tuners decided to build a machine out of bed

American racer and showman Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing Division team made a cot / crib and a car, at .

The whole process of becoming craftsmen recorded on video and published on its YouTube channel. Author Dan Sommer decided to realize a childhood dream of most of the motorists. Plastic baby bed in the form of a Ferrari Testarossa craftsmen mounted on an elongated chassis from the map. The wheels and tires took their places, plastic body a little clipped.

Place “under the hood” took the 125-CC motor. Team Hoonigan Racing Division is known for its crazy projects, but this time, craftsmen began to equip their offspring to a more powerful motor. On the question of Ken about that, “why not put a 250-CC?”, the authors of the project said, “what else do you want to live.”


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