Astronomers have noticed stars cometophobia tails

Astronomers have noticed stars cometophobia tails

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Stars are placed in one of the young clusters in the milky Way.

Astronomers using the ALMA telescope have observed in some giant stars, which are located in the young massive cluster Westerlund 1 in the milky Way, tails like comets. As reported on the website of the European southern Observatory, the tails formed a dense and powerful stellar winds that the stars emit into the environment, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The mechanism of this phenomenon is similar to that in which appear the famous tails of comets. These tails in the Solar system, “blown” from the nuclei of their parent comets “solar wind” streams of particles flowing from the Sun. Why comet tails are always directed in the direction opposite the Sun. Similarly, the “tails” of the giant red stars are directed from the cluster core, probably as a result of the action of powerful stellar winds generated by hundreds of hot massive stars in the Central region of Westerlund 1.Previously, scientists have examined new data x-ray Observatory “Chandra” and found a ring of bright x-ray sources in the galaxy, which is located at a distance of 300 million light years from Earth.


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