External airbags have shown their effectiveness

External airbags have shown their effectiveness

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The use of outdoor pillows may reduce the number of injuries by 45%.

Automotive experts came to the conclusion that the use of external airbags on vehicles will help to reduce the number of injuries the passengers when traffic accident by 45%, reports with reference to the .

Informed about external airbags have repeatedly said, many manufacturers, but only production company ZF introduced the actual layout of the external security system for cars.

Testing the developed system proved that the probability of injury to passengers in the use of such pillows is more than 45%. Moreover, according to preliminary data, the indicator can be increased several times, as today, the employees of the company engaged in the development of the system.The main task of external security in reducing the impact that occurs in accidents. After all the modifications it will be possible to consider the installation of systems on passenger cars. Many car manufacturers are interested in this security system and ready to test it on our machines.


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