Named for the habit of causing premature aging of the skin

Named for the habit of causing premature aging of the skin

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Estheticians have warned of the consequences of sleeping with makeup.

Every woman knows that you can not sleep do not wash the makeup off your face.

But after a hard work or noisy parties that take all the power we sometimes forget or lazy to wash my face before bed, writes with reference to .

This habit is very bad for the skin, but sometimes words are not enough and need real motivating facts that will provoke us to wash away makeup residues and urban dust from the face.

What happens to our skin when the makeup is on our face all night?

If too lazy to wash before sleep overtakes us often try to motivate yourself your morning, looking at myself in the mirror. Looking at herself in the mirror, think about how much per night in dying cells under a thick layer of makeup. Typically, the necrosis of cells is a natural process, but they die a lot more due to the fact that your skin is not breathing throughout the night and under the influence of cosmetic means they die twice. It turns out that our skin ages not by their years.

Cosmetic products clog our pores. Concealer or a thin, gentle layer of powder, still does not allow the skin to breathe fully. Most of the time we are at work at the same time in the morning, apply different cosmetics on the skin. When we are too lazy to wash before bed, we take the skin a chance to breathe. Here comes the aging of the skin, loss of elasticity and natural color.

Most of cosmetics contain chemical additives. No one can know the true composition of the product, which we use. If you don’t wash it at night, hence the emergence of allergies, skin irritation, persistent rash, clogged pores and blackheads are not always easy to get rid of. We can skip one washing, but when a habit becomes regular, disposable Allergy becomes chronic, and after that the makeup will have to forget forever.

Holders of oily skin has its own risks, if not to wash off makeup before going to bed. Sebaceous gland interact with makeup that leads to proliferation of microbes on the skin.

Before once again you turn your laziness, think about what implications this may bring in the future. Take five minutes to cleanse the skin and she’ll keep as long as possible their youth.


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