Nissan has combined a car and a house into one system

Nissan has combined a car and a house into one system

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Nissan showed how to work an electric ecosystem

The power exchange will help motorists save money, claims the Japanese company, reports citing .

Nissan has a electric ecosystem, bringing together the energy network and electric cars on display stand Energy Home.

Nissan Energy Home is a model of the house (without walls), which can power the batteries of the electric vehicle, or conversely, to get energy from it. This principle Nissan calls the Energy Share and it is part of the Nissan Intelligent Integration strategy that provides for wider integration of machines into the infrastructure of society as a whole.

When the electric car stands near the house in the afternoon on a wire traction battery used as a drive energy generated by the solar panels. And in the evening the car can power the whole house, from lighting to household appliances. The Japanese claim that podobnou makeup is a relatively small proportion of the total capacity of the battery. And in the morning again begins to receive the energy from the solar panels.In the United States, Nissan North America has launched a program for the integration of electric cars with offices, starting with its own in Franklin and San Diego. Battery Nissan Leaf charged at the moments of recession on the network load and feed of the building at the peak. The difference in price of the kilowatt-hours saves money.


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