Scientists have uncovered the secret benefits of Royal jelly

Scientists have uncovered the secret benefits of Royal jelly

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Protein received the name Regina.

Scientists have uncovered the secret benefits of Royal jelly. It contains special substances that help the body be renewed, reports The Guardian.

Royal jelly is a nutritious weight, which honeybees feed the Queen and larvae. It is widely used in folk medicine and in cosmetics, although its properties are not yet too well understood.

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Recent studies have shown that Royal jelly contains protein realaction (royalactin). It activates genes that enhance the ability of stem cells to update.

Scientists have also learned that Royal jelly effect not only on bees but also on other creatures – so, it increased the duration of life of experimental worms and rodents.

The researchers decided to see whether a protein similar realaction, in the human body. And after a series of tests protein with very similar structure were indeed found. It turned out that it exhibits maximum activity in the early stages of development of the human embryo and probably creates a stock of stem cells.

According to scientists, it is of great importance for the development of the body and can help in the treatment of disorders associated with cell death: Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure, muscular dystrophy.

Scientists say that realaction bees, and Regina in humans appeared as a result of similar evolutionary processes.In the organism of adults the protein is not active. But the researchers intend to create in his sample of drugs that would have the same effect.


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