Tesla became the champion in another category

Tesla became the champion in another category

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Model Roadster passed the greatest number of laps on the race track.

The world’s first 24-hour race for electric vehicles was held in early winter at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben ended with an unexpected winner. The German team set a record for the Tesla Roadster, driving 495 laps of the race track for a day, reports citing .

On the nine circles of less was able to drive another electric car – Hyundai Kona, under the control of the German racers. The third place took the team of France at the Renault Zoe demonstrating the ability to go 470 laps. All three of them in the amount traveled per day is 1,000 kilometres.

Interestingly, the Tesla Model S was only in tenth position out of the 32 participants in the race. 10 place went to Tesla S with the largest battery is 85 kW.The most hapless team in the German electric car BMW i3. They are located in the last rows of the standings due to the fact that the vehicle did not support a maximum charge of 22 kWh, which was determined by the race regulations. It turned out that he was charged three times slower than an electric Smart or a Renault Zoe.


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