The main rules are simple awakening in the winter

The main rules are simple awakening in the winter

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These tips will help you to feel fresh after waking up.

Waking up in winter with the beginning of the day, we are still in the dark to lift yourself out of bed at this time of year becomes very difficult. Medical experts gave some tips on how better to Wake up cold and dark winter morning to not feel discouragement and brokenness, reports citing .

Tip one: schedule

Numerous experiments show convincingly that the careful observance of the schedule of sleep and waking the body adjusts to a certain mode, so that even you can do without the alarm clock. If you are going to meet in the evening in bed and in the morning to get up at the same time that in the future your body will feel sleepy and Wake up at a certain hour of the morning already. In turn, the lack of a certain hour of sleep and waking in the morning can be a factor in poor health, loss of vitality and sleepiness during the day.

Tip two: no sharp sounds

If you trust your waking to the alarm clock, it is better to choose smooth and peaceful melodies, convinced the doctors. Loud and harsh sound of the alarm clock wakes not so much how much roughly pulls the sleeping man awake. The result is a sudden release of adrenaline in the blood that the body perceives as stress winter morning is absolutely not a good condition. The person could increase the pressure to be vasospasm.

Tip three: the clothes next to the bed

Physicians recommend to put next to the bed warm pet clothing – it helps to make the “heavy” lifting in the winter more enjoyable.

Tip four: add light

Circadian rhythms that determine the internal timetable of the organism directly dependent on the amount of light. The photoreceptors react to the light level and send a signal to the brain then begins to produce the hormones needed to Wake up. In the winter the amount of light in the morning is greatly reduced, and the body’s circadian rhythms do not match the operating mode. To secure cheerfulness in the mornings, you need enough light.Tip five: airing

A winter’s morning, according to therapists, it is very useful to open the window to admit the fresh air. It will banish the remnants of sleepiness and protect against the temptation to stay in the bedroom.


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