Ukrainian remade in Audi A8 limousine

Ukrainian remade in Audi A8 limousine

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The limousine has a length of 9 meters.

Bil-2005 – rare homemade limousine created by a resident of Ukraine, reports citing .

Its name came from the initials of the maker and year of manufacture. Limousine “Bil-2005” has a length of 9 meters and a weight of 3.5 tons. The body is made from 2 mm steel. The model borrows the basic parts Audi A8. For example, a used engine, which increased the maximum speed of the limousine to 260 km/h.

Was also introduced automatic transmission. Number of seats – 11. Inside the cabin there is a large number of entertainment equipment: small refrigerator, stereos, TV.To date they have sold 2 of the limousine.


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