Experts have suggested, what would life on a flat Earth

Experts have suggested, what would life on a flat Earth

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In practice, such a scenario would be impossible.

Even in our time, when scientists periodically publish pictures of our blue ball, there are people who sincerely believe in the theory of a flat Earth. Let’s imagine life on the planet, which would actually have been flat, according to .

Planet retain a spherical shape due to gravity. For example, the force of gravity is preserved on the earth’s disk. Then gravity would be the most powerful in the center – at the North pole. And the edges it would pull everyone back to the Central region.

People would not be able to play football: the games were held only at the North pole, plus, gravity would give an advantage to one team. Ball thrown up, heading always toward the center of the earth disc.

Also we would have a completely different map of the continents. In addition, some laws of physics just wouldn’t work. As a result, all of the volcanoes, icebergs, rivers and deserts would be modified.

People would not be able to live a normal life at the edge of one large area, so they settled closer to the North pole. It is worth noting that the center of the earth would be in the temperate zone, which is characterized by favorable conditions for people’s lives. However not the fact that on the pole would be the mainland. Perhaps people would need to build floating cities.Astronomers should see always the same picture of the sky because the Earth would be static. People could see the North star as pole, and in the center.


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