Israeli scientists have created a unique bioplastics

Israeli scientists have created a unique bioplastics

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Products from this material is more environmentally friendly than conventional plastic.

Environmentalists called bioplastics means of connection with nature, because it is fundamentally different from ordinary plastic waste, heavily polluting the world around us, according to .

Processing or limitations in the use of the usual plastic we have little or no effect. That’s why scientists are developing new types of organic polymer, which is easily and quickly degraded in natural conditions, not nature causing no harm.

However, what’s the problem if bioplastics have long been invented, why doesn’t he come in place of the polyethylene produced from petroleum? This is not the first year produced in the world biodegradable polymers, for example, PLA, PBS, derived from sugar cane or corn.

But the fact of the matter is that the production of these biopolymers need additional acreage, fertilizers, fresh water that, ultimately, leads to almost the same disaster for the nature, not to mention the fact that these resources do not have on our planet. Moreover, such plastics will be too expensive, that’s why he has no commercial future…

TAU (University of tel Aviv) finally managed to create the biopolymer, which requires neither land, nor fresh water. It can be obtained from waste products of microorganisms that feed on algae. These wastes are easily processed in organic matter, from which the Israelites had a unique biodegradable polymer – polyhydroxyalkanoate, or abbreviated to PHA.

Co-authors of this invention became Professor Michael Gozin and Dr. Alexander Golberg. Any product or same packaging from PHA, say scientists, is readily degraded in nature without causing her any harm. Moreover, to create the most polyhydroxyalkanoate not need any plants, and therefore farmland and fresh water. This will allow you to make relatively cheap and effective bioplastics in any country where there is a possibility to use marine resources, that is algae.Currently, according Bioresource Techno, TAU scientists are refining his invention, selecting the most optimal combination of “algae-bacteria” to reduce the cost of such bioplastics and creating the various modifications that meet various market needs in plastic products and packaging.


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