Scientists “revive” the creature that became extinct 200 million years ago

Scientists “revive” the creature that became extinct 200 million years ago

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The creature died and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Scientists were able to reconstruct a 3D skull of a prehistoric fish or reptiles Delphinapterus. The creature died 200 million years ago and sank to the bottom of the sea. Bones of creatures found in the one of the farmers. Now the place where discovered the fossil, called the County of Warwickshire in the UK, reports citing .

Archaeologists have dug up the skull 60 years ago, but only now appreciated for their value to science. The find was identified as a rare ichthyosaur – Protoichthyosaurus prostaxalis.

Scientists were able to reproduce the details because the animal remains are well preserved and it gives a unique view of the life of ancient ichthyosaur.

Researchers took 50 years to explore and describe the bones of the skull of a prehistoric fish. Today, the skull is perfectly preserved in three dimensions and has bones that are rarely preserved at archaeological excavations.

Scientists Nigel Larkin and Laura Porro using computed tomography received volumetric digital model of the bones. This allowed them to edit the bones and their position, which they occupied during the life of the animal.

The researchers noted that computer tomogaphy allowed them not only to reconstruct the skull appearance of the animal, but obtaining the internal image of the bones. On the bones revealed long channels, which keep blood vessels and nerves.”Computed tomography allowed us to see the fossils inside, and we saw long canals in the bones of the skull, which at first resisted the blood vessels and nerves,” said paleontologist Porro.


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