The Swede can go to “Dynamo” or “leganés”

The Swede can go to “Dynamo” or “leganés”

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The leader of the “Carpathians” Marian Swede is just two tempting option for a career.

According to the Ukrainian edition of “Sportive”, the Swede chooses between the transition in Kiev “Dynamo” or a return to Spain, where interest in the Ukrainian winger has “leganés”.

The Swede leans towards the transition to Dynamo, but only if the people of Kiev in the winter sell Victor Tsygankov, whom Italian media for a long time associated with the transition in “Roma”.

The Swede could become the third Ukrainian “Leganes” after leased from the “real” goalkeeper Andrey Lunin and Vasily Kravets, who in the near future for 1,5-2 million Euro should go to the club Examples of “Lugo”.

The Swede shock held the first half of the season – a 21-year-old winger in 17 matches of the championship of Ukraine scored 8 goals and gave 3 assists.Portal “Transfermarket” evaluates Mariana Swede 2 million euros, and his contract with Karpaty runs until the summer of 2020.


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