In China have found an ancient tomb in the shape of the logo “Xbox”

In China have found an ancient tomb in the shape of the logo “Xbox”

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An unusual discovery has surprised the users of the Network.

In China there is a huge number of ancient tombs. For example, in the summer of 2018 was discovered 140 graves organized during the Zhou dynasty. Were they in the Shandong province of China. 36 tomb, according to archaeologist Liu Anican contain unique artifacts that testify to the viability of the buried people, according to .

One tomb of this number were examined this year. She belongs to the Qin dynasty. The discovery immediately caused an unprecedented boom in China and beyond.

Netizens were surprised by a special design of the tomb, which reminded logo consoles “Xbox” from Microsoft. Immediately, people began to joke that video games were created in 220 BC or designer Microsoft flew in the past for “inspiration”.There is currently no information on X-shaped tomb. Archaeologists did not disclose the findings or artifacts that were stored in some grave. Unique photos of the excavation was done by a drone.


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